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Its December now, which means it’s time to watch a Home Alone re-run on TV and ponder what happened to child star Macauley Culkin. On a lesser note, it also means Christmas, and Christmas means that every TV show tries to do a Christmas themed episode that usually is either really corny or really amazing. Or sometimes both.

We decided to take a look back at some of the best TV Show Christmas moments. From 30 Rock to Friends to The OC to The Office, here are our faves.

–          30 Rock


From a TV show that takes place in the most magical Christmas location ever, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 30 Rock is an expert at demonstrating that even though you’d rather spend the holidays with family and friends, you make the most of your current seasonal work situation by being outwardly cynical of your boss and getting smashed with your colleagues.

I mean, they have a whole episode dedicated to LudaChristmaswhen you take advantage of the silly season by exploiting every option for free booze and casual hook-ups you can.

Shush with your holiday cheer, Liz Lemon.

But our favourite 30 Rock Christmas moment is Tracey Jordan belting out his drug tripping induced metaphor laced  Christmas song delivered in beautiful a Capella. I want some of that Jordan Christmas, please.


–          Friends


It would be somewhat ridiculous to highlight Christmas in New York and not mention our favourite Central Perk ragamuffins from Friends. What is it with shows creating Christmas songs? We’re not sure, but whatever the reason, Phoebe was well ahead of the trend


–          Community

The cast of Community know how to wish their viewers a Merry Christmas Changmas.

Lets Chang the subject for a second; here is one of Community’s best takes of Christmas, presented in that offhand meta way that only community lovers can fully chang-preciate. (Too much?) They really know how to relate to that niche market of Jews/ Jehovah Witnesses who apparently know nothing about the mainstream Christian Holiday.

–          The Office


That’s right, Michael Scott (aka Steve Carell) from The Office speaks the truth about everyone’s favourite silly season. And if there’s one thing every quarter life crisis open plan office employee knows, it’s the joy of the tacky Christmas spirit and work Christmas party to bring cheer and merriment into our lives.


What we love about The Office is how Michael always manages to impose his crazy personal going-on into the offices workplace function. A modern day Grinch, some might say.

While we are on the subject of The Office, honourable Christmas mention should be given to David Brent, aka Ricky Gervais’ Christmas party dance in the original UK The Office version.

–          The OC


We rank The OC’s Christmas episodes by the awesomeness of Seth Cohen’s sweaters. Why is there no online store for these sweaters yet?? Marissa has been dead 7 years now! Bad form Fox Studios.

Also, we are unsure of why Chrismukkah has not yet taken off as every family’s favourite melting pot mixed bag holiday tradition? How the heck do those multi-religious households celebrate the silly season? #chrismukkah4eva


–          Misfits

In case you haven’t heard of it, Misfits is a British TV show that has you constantly semi aroused but also saying “What the fuck did I just watch?”. This clip taken from its Christmas special is no exception.

–          Scrubs


Another sitcom, another round of Christmas songs. But for anyone whose had a slightly intoxicated daredevil family member try something adventurous on Christmas day and ended up in hospital, you can 100% relate to this take on a Christmas classic.

–          Bobs Burgers


If you are not watching Bob’s Burgers then what are you doing with your life? Head straight to your totally legal Swedish download/streaming site and watch the crap out of this show because it will change your life. It will make you wish with all your heart your family owned a mildly successful mid-range burger joint in a seaside tourist town.

The Christmas episode “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins” is a must see (Spoiler: there is a sex doll mannequin stolen in the name of true love). Although those damn Tumblr users haven’t yet succinctly summed up the shows Christmas episode in a short and convenient 30 second or less YouTube vid, I’m sure your savvy internet fingers can do the walking.




–          How I Met Your Mother

What is it with Christmas episodes and songs? Damn you Neil Patrick Harris, for trying to sneak a snazzy Tony award winning number into every acting project you do. Here, watch Barney serenade Ted’s sister to Christmas songs as a recurring theme throughout the HIMYM seasons.

-Pia Fruin


When he was snapped up by Parlophone in 2009, Tinie Tempah already had a cult following. Since then the Londoner has gone from underground to international sensation, with massive hits like ‘Pass Out’ flying into the spotlight and straight to #1 on the UK Singles Chart. His epic dance track ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ with Swedish House Mafia effortlessly became one of the hottest club songs of 2010.

He has played at festivals the world over including a performance at Glastonbury alongside Snoop Dogg, has collaborated  with the likes of Travis Barker, Chris Martin and Dizzee Rascal along with a huge list of others, has a bevy of chart-topping singles and his recently released album Demonstration reached #3 on the UK charts.

We had a chat to Tinie Tempah about the new album, his love of collaborations, Australian girls, his return for Future Music Festival and his favourite artists and tracks of 2013.

FMF: How are you this morning?
Tinie Tempah: Fine thank you, it’s 10:30pm over here and I know it must be early over there, so transfer me some of your energy.

FMF: I will try my best! So it’s been a pretty big month or two for you!
TT: It’s been amazing; such a whirlwind. Im really happy to be back in it with something I’m really proud of and its just great for everyone to be finally able to hear it (new album Demonstration). Its been really exciting. When you’re in a creative process and focusing on one thing you never really remember how much of the other stuff goes into it, so just to be back out there is really fun.

FMF: So how is the general reception to new album Demonstration? Obviously it just hit number 3 on the charts over there in the U.K, which is awesome!
TT: Very excited about that! The reaction and everything I’ve been hearing from people has been really good. In terms of everybody’s favourite track, everyone I’ve talked to has a different favourite. I wanted to make something that was more a body of work, like a continuous body of music, so the fact that everyone has different favourites just shows that people are receiving it like that.

FMF: What I really liked and what I was most interested about before it came out is that it has so many collaborations on it; 12 out of the 16 songs. You must love working and collaborating with others.
TT: Definitely man, definitely. There are certain messages I wanted to say in this record and being able to work with some of the people that could help me get that message across was phenomenal, especially with some of the newer artists like Laura Mvula and Ella Eyre who are going to have really great careers. We all had a lot of fun and it was a really great experience. I feel like the more people listen to it the more they will enjoy it.

FMF: In terms of other collaborations you would like to do,  you have mentioned Sleigh Bells, James Blake, Adele and recently the Arctic Monkeys, among others. It feels like you’re not just choosing standard choices people would expect from you.
TT: I listen to loads of different stuff and I just think at this moment in time, music is so exciting. Someone could drop a mixtape tomorrow that would change everything and just blow up, and I think that’s an exciting thing. That’s the reason why I love collaborations, because in this day and age people have so much choice, and I like being able to do something that people wouldn’t expect. My artist wish list is very extensive; there’s tonnes more names on it and hopefully I get to have that opportunity with those people and make some crazy shit.

FMF: Speaking of other artists then, I’m interested to know what you have enjoyed from 2013?
TT: This year I really like this artist called Banks. I think she’s really good. She’s got this EP called London that I really like. The girl who is featured on the new Chase & Status record, Moko; her stuff is really good as well. Haim I really like, I think they have been really great this year. And of course Rudimental are great. James Blake’s new stuff is great. Laura Mvula; her new stuff is amazing. Loads of really cool stuff this year. I really like this rapper called Dom Kennedy from LA and he’s got this album called Get Home Safely. Oh, and Drake’s new album is great as well (laughs).

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.26.06 PM

FMF: I read an article a month or two ago about you being keen to embrace your ‘wild side’. Are you taking a page out of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus’ books?
TT: (laughs) I think everyone is different. It doesn’t matter what you do, I think at some stage in your life you think; “hang on, what am I doing less of? What should I be doing more of?” I think everyone goes through that and at my age; I just turned 25 and I obviously put a lot of work in (to music) and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, but at the same time I want to make sure I am enjoying everything. Im livin’ it up as much as I’m working. I wanna make sure I’m living up all the bits in between working and making music.

FMF: Lets talk female admirers. I can’t imagine that it would be a hard thing to deal with, but if you are meeting a girl after a show there could obviously be ulterior motives in play for these female fans. Is that something you think about?
TT: Of course, you have to think about that. Obviously when your in a situation or career like this; you just have to be quite self aware and have good judgment of character. Sometimes your going to make mistakes and things are gonna happen but its all part of it, its all part of learning what people like and what people want don’t want.  One thing I’ve realised is sometimes you just want to have fun and live in the moment. That’s what I’m trying to do now.

FMF: You recently pushed back an upcoming tour to after you get back from Australia. Why?
TT: Yes indeed. Internationally it got to a point where literally weeks from the tour we were still deep in promo for the album, I just felt like it would be better if I had more time to get it right and get it perfect and just plan everything thoroughly. We put so much effort into it (Demonstration) and I felt like it wouldn’t be right any other way than to make sure we get it right.

FMF: Obviously you are coming to Australia in March for Future Music Festival. Something interesting that you may not/probably don’t remember is that when you were here for Future in 2012, I actually drove your buggie from the artist tent to the stage on the Perth leg.
TT: (laughs) That’s amazing, that’s amazing. I definitely remember the day; like I remember the show. The weather was crazy as well. It was a great day.

FMF: On the way to the stage, we drove past a group of girls and you made me stop so you could look at them.
TT: (laughs) Australia is very good for that. I’m so excited, I cant wait to come over again.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.36.41 PM

FMF: I’ll have to make sure I’m driving your buggie again.
TT: Definitely, you even have to be more prepared this time, start getting the girls ready from now (laughs).

FMF: They will be in the buggie waiting.
TT: Fantastic!

FMF: After you finish touring Demonstration, what’s next for you? 
TT: Back on it. Even though the album is only just out I wanna do other things; I wanna do other projects and work with other people. But at this moment I am desperately in the mood to record for a little while.

FMF: I’ve gotta run; I gotta go and get the buggie ready for you, so I’ll let you go.
TT: (laughs) Thanks man! And thanks for chatting.

You can catch Tinie Tempah at Future Music Festival in March, and you can pick up his new album Demonstration from iTunes at the link below.

-Nathanael Rice





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